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I applied in August when the application process window opened and I just got the job this last week

I received the first set of 7 tests (multitasking, verbal reasoning etc... ) almost inmediately after the application window closed, just like anyone else. After two or three weeks I received the second set of tests and two weeks more after that I received the famous e-mail saying that I had passed but that I should not expect anything else until January.

Surprisingly, at the end of october, a lady called me and invited me to an assessment day to be celebrated in Dublin by the end of November. I went to the assessment day and spent all the day there. One week after they called again to offer me a spot for the sim test. One week after the sim test they called to tell me that I was being offered a first officer position.

Please do not ask me for details about the interviews or sim. We were told not to publish anything anywhere because they consider this process as a competition and it would not be fair if some people had details beforehand.

My guess is that due to the large number of candidates they may be splitting them in several groups and may take a veery long time to complete the selection for some candidates. Just a guess.

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