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Originally Posted by FRatSTN View Post
I don't know why people get their feathers ruffled over this sort of thing. That's just competition, it's one of the most common aspects of any business or market. When you have a varied traffic mix with no real dominant player, as in the case of BHX, they all want a bit of the action.
I tend to agree with your sentiments; and it's one of the problems with "the market".

Airports have no control over who can and can't operate what routes at what frequency, so what often happens is that a carrier starts a new route, another jumps in, neither makes a profit and in the worst case both carriers blink at the same time and the result is a route disappears completely.

Still, that's the lesser of two evils, the other being the bureaucracy of licencing and capacity regulation that used mainly to do the bidding of nation, usually state carriers, and stifled the development of regional airports for decades.
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