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You are correct - you are playing dumb just fine (joke).

SL is relevant to your operations as a pilot. If you do something that is a breach of the regs CASA don't have to prove you intended to do it, only that you did it. It makes it easier for CASA to succeed in a prosecution.

SL has application in a range of other areas - some environmental crime is SL. For example, in NSW if you are observed littering the prosecutor (the EPA or a council) does not have to prove you inteded to litter - only that you dropped you lunch wrapper in a public place.


I think you are correct in your opinion. I can't see how SL affects air safety, although an argument could be put forward that if people are aware that they are more easily prosecuted (because offences are SL) then they are more likely to comply with the law (which might be a different thing to flying in a safer manner).


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