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Well if the Labour Shadow Chancellor is anything to go by as was seen and heard on "Question Time" last night....The man is as thick as a "Bread Pudding" he almost sounded like the British Leyland "Red Robbo" chaps who caused BL to end almost
He's not shadow chancellor, John McDonnell is, agree with you that he wasn't very good.

Nigel was though.

Only a few months back this lying swine convinced many on here to vote Remain

Cameron defends decision to call Brexit referendum - BBC News

despite now saying

The Daily Telegraph reported that Mr Cameron believed the future euro was hanging in the balance.
"I see more trouble ahead," he said. "It is not working as it was intended.
"Some countries have seen decades of lost growth. Those countries have a single currency and they don't have a single fiscal system, a fiscal tax system. It creates bigger differences.
Call-Me-Dave should have renegotiated sensibly along the lines of peoples' concerns and made it crystal clear that he would campaign for a leave vote if these were not agreed.

Instead he made a few cosmetic wishy-washy requests and was still told to "go forth and multiply".

It's his own fault.

DC wanted a reformed EU but failed to get it
Are you sure he really wanted that (rather just than going through the motions)? There is no evidence for this.

Where we disagree is that we have to have inferred access to the EU markets and I want a controlled freedom of movement
What on earth is "controlled freedom of movement"? It's a contradiction surely!

What you need is a level playing field meaning that EU citizens have to qualify on the same basis as the rest of the world. Is iy fair that someone from Bulgaria can walk in no questions asked while someone from Australia cannot?
Not only that, but a European criminal can walk in no questions asked! How can that be right and sensible?

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