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Just imagine the EU was just those countries and maybe another couple
That would have indeed been a powerhouse where the Euro would have worked for us too as well as freedom of movement as it would have been a natural freedom of movement without pure economic or benefit attractions

The problem is the EU grew to fast to 27 countries of vastly differing economic performance employment levels etc

Freedom of movement became people vacating one country en mass not to work but become citizens ! How can that work ?
Funnily that is the answer to reform
A top tier which holds the Euro and freedom of movement and a second tier for developing countries where working freedom of movement alone exists and where they hold a B Euro
Maybe even a market only tier where the proceeds can help the developing countries tier
Then in 10 to 20 years as those developing countries succeed they too can enter the top tier

As it stands it's doomed to fail but I stress that will not suit us either
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