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RAT 5 admits to being an ATPL in 738 Boeings and other aircraft. He is very familiar with the heavy traffic flying through 23? (how many! ?) different countries with different rules over the continent of Europe: gliders are involved in this mix, and so far, glider pilots who are trained to LOOKOUT LOOKOUT LOOKOUT (from their first flight) seem to be able to dodge the spamcans.

Silvaire does not go into detail in his profile, but in his post on this thread says that the American system works fine; does not require Mode S for separation.

Well, I have flown extensively (1,800 hours in gliders, 1,300 in power & IR) in the US of A and Britain, and a few excursions over France, Spain but never so far Germany or Poland....

The US of A has no problem with gliders colliding with power of any kind because there ARE VERY FEW GLIDERS FLYING IN THE United States! and most of these pilots are even older than me! ...so self preservation is ingrained. Not only are there very few gliders actively flown in the US...their training glider - the Schweizer - is a tin pig, mainly valued because you can tie it down outside and it will survive. I don't know what sort of training glider they use these days, perhaps someone from California can tell me...whatever, I bet it is NOT made in the US.

Anyway, relative to the cost of Avgas in the UK, its cheap cheap in the US, so when I went over there to visit family, the economy and the huge distances involved and the many many airports that charge no landing fees, inspired me to fly power over there - and gliders in the UK and Europe.
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