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" Like you, I have an independent mind and speak as I find, I realise this is an assumption on my part with attributing you with those two traits. I am also quite capable of noticing humour when the need to point that out is considered necessary, which in this case was not required.

But thank you for educating me using some assumption on your part that infers you know who I am and therefore I am in your view considered a less intelligent and knowledgeable person than your good self, again this is also an assumption on my part as I don't know you either


The first paragraph above starts very well, but thereafter, you appear to be quite a sensitive soul at heart given you failed to note my response was not even directed at you personally, merely the articles content and the rag so adored by many on here.

The second, well we have met as you know and if we were to meet again, unlikely I hasten to add, we would both know each other by name and sight, but neither of us is the same person we knew in those distant times.

I gave up, if indeed I ever fully embraced, making assumptions many, many years ago.....I have long had a more reality based and practical perspective to my life
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