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" From his linkedin profile appears to have no political or business background, in fact only seems to have worked his way up and around in the newspaper arena, and that makes him better than politically experienced writers in other newspapers, would it still be the best summation had he written that for the Daily Mail and one of us had posted the link

Some very detailed research on your (desperate to appease JB readers ) part it seems.

Now, odd though it may seem, I had actually read those articles before.

Unfortunately, they contain something called humour, an ingredient which is often incomprehensible to the right wing, certainly on here, whilst also making valid commentary.

The Mail is unlikely ever to publish anything similar....perish the thought the rags ( you got that bit 100% correct by the way, credit where it's due as they say) readership would be required to think for a start, a function many, if not all, are fundamentally incapable of performing.

The Guardian however, as I will kindly reiterate, has a long history of pragmatic journalism along with publishing opinions that may actually contradict the ethos of the paper. You may recall an advert some time ago in which was shown a "yob" seemingly about to "attack" a "responsible business suited chap".....Mail reader, obviously.....until, that is, it turns out the "yob " was about to save his life when debris falling from a building was about to hit him......the strapline ?....."because all is not always as it seems".....

That's why supposedly "gullible "people think for themselves and assess contrast to those who simply follow orders, reliant throughout their lives on others thinking for them.
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