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The Shawbury helo course was known as the 'walkabout course' because it involved wandering about until a chap said get in this helicopter and do it. ... and they certainly said it was an unhappy envelope corner, but they could have been sergeant pilots.

No checks, no navigation, no airmanship at all, just watching a speedo drop to nothing and then persuading a clattering heap of aluminium on to the ground.

I was told that the ab initio Bona-mates ablity to pick up helicopter skill quickly in this unloaded environment led to the helo course being changed to reflect this style of syllabus.

Helos are pleasingly responsive in the hover, harriers have a sluggish inertia, T4 harriers are sluggisher, heavier and usually with about 2 minutes of fuel to practise with. ..and a QFI in the back to complain.
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