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He is NOT some latter day folk hero, he is someone for whom the niceties of aviation law and responsible behaviour are totally alien concepts.
And isnt that refreshing a touch of colour? We seem to have lost the pioneering days, The days when people did crazy things.
When pilots attempted to break the sound barrier or to fly the most bizarre unworkable machines.

Freedom is something we cherish but in many ways we are less free now than we have ever been with big brother watching your every move.
The days when you sat up front on an airline with the pilots or where the Captain walked down the cabin to chat to customers in the cruise.

To have your aftershave removed through security because its more than 100 ml s or to be eyed suspiciously by the same because you haven't removed your belt or shoes? Thats freedom ?

The all singing and dancing technology of never get lost moving maps

Sometimes its refreshing to see a character who does everything wrong! maybe because it what we would like to do deep down but a character filled with passion for aviation because it reminds us of a past time which has gone in this modern controlled grey world
Two fingers to our over regulated society and disapproving masters
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