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Sorry my poor english, but there is a summarized translation for the copilot of AVA9256, that its on the same frecuency of the plane crashed.
-Look, the thing was...When we are on approach, the tower send us on hold pattern with fl210, because other plane has declared emergency (fuel leak), when we reach a fl, the tower send us for 190, at this time, the RJ 85 its above on us, on holding pattern to.
-Suddenly the crew of RJ tell to the flight controller (a lady): "...Flight **** requesting priority to land, we have fuel issues, requesting priority to localizer..."

- At this time my commander tell me: ".. if he was out of fuel, why no declare an emergency?.." At this moment the RJ pilot dont declare any emergency.

-The flight controller inform to RJ pilot, that was a other plane on emergency land on progress.

- The RJ Pilot tell again to flight controller "Fuel issues" and begin to descend almost immediately, whithout any clearance from the tower.

-We saw the other plane descend at our left at high speed, at this moment the flight controller gave us vectors to make distance for the RJ.

-While RJ descends the pilot declare an Emergency , because of fuel. Begin to scream " Mayday Mayday requesting vectors for localizer" The FC gave vectors and ask the RJ the type of emergency, the crew responds " Now we have full electrical failure, vectors to find the runaway" .

The the FC say: "No contact radar".

The RJ answer "Help us , vectors to runaway please... (desesperate voice of crew)",
At the same time we hear the commander Screaming ".. landing gear down ...", Help us , vectors to runaway please... (desesperate voice of crew)"

We are on silent, a few seconds later the FC tells to RJ : " You are on Radial 180 from the RNW with 9000 and 8 miles" .
This is the place of VOR i remember ...pushing for then and say to myself GO Go Go...
And they are on VOR Whith 9000... They are going to crash ...on radio still the RJ : "Help us , vectors to runaway please... (desesperate voice of crew)"...
After this.. Silent...
-* The FC continue to call the RJ whitout answer and we start to cry... and continue flight and land...

- All the time tower continue to call the RJ whitout answer and we heared the crash... on the radio com....

Soory again for my english.

The plane struck a mountain at no more than 200 mts for the VOR ...
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