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The judging panel have at last come to a majority decision on what they all agreed was a most difficult case - the overall quality of entries was extraordinarily high, and it has been most difficult to reduce the initial shortlist of 24 potential winners.

The panel especially enjoyed the philosophical exchange about camouflage between Traffic_Is_Er_Was and Penny_Washers (posts 39557, 39560 and 39567), too lengthy to reproduce in toto but ending with Penny_Washers': "But what if it's the jets that are actually more horses and carts?? My God, what is real in this damn world!?!" On the strength of this, the panel sent Jim off on another photo-recce sortie, and the truth was out:

Anyway, to serious business. In third place, for accuracy, is Wensleydale with: "The RAF's replacement for the Diesel Vauxhall Astra Estate proved to be a great success due to its huge increase in performance."

In second place, for magnificent erudition on a par with Gaius Plinius Secundus and forcing the Panel to ask Jim for advice, cos 'e nose Latin, is Danny42C with his: "Once I won the 'National'....look at me now....'sic transit etc'...."

But the overall winner by a very short extra chuckle is Pontius_Navigator's: "When the collective heard there was to be a line up of Farmers they wasted no time in preparing their contribution."

Congratulations, Pontius_Navigator. The Coffman Starter Trophy is on its way to you, and you have control...
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