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The North Carolina Legislature (held for over 100 Years by the Democrats) passed a Law that allows for a "Contested Election" to be decided by a Vote in the Legislature. As it was comfortably held, and had been held for over a Century, the Democrats were quite happy with the Law....and used it on one occasion to seat a new (and Democrat) Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Now...the Governor's race is too close to call, has had one recount, there are Law Suits in place on many issues to include Voter Fraud (Which Democrats reject any notion that could ever happen.....Fraud that is), and will become a "Contested Election" and thus our Legislature (now a firmly held Republican majority in both Houses) will determine who the new Governor shall be....the current Gov a Republican or the challenger, the State Attorney General (a Democrat).

I am sure you can hear the whining of the Democrats an Ocean away!

How unfair, how un-democratic, the Voters are being dis-enfranchised......all because they changed the Rules to suit them without thinking ahead.

Exactly ilke the Democrats in the US Senate did under Pinky Reid....and now when the Republicans will use the new Rules against the Democrats...the Dem's proclaim it a travesty!
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