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Calm down girls and put the handbags away. I like David Reid's best (always measured & reflective). I always thought that the silly joke about being able to walk away from a landing meant that it was a good one, was, just a silly joke. Some of you seem to measure competence by the that statement though.

I highlighted the fact that my comments were about the Herald report.I suggested that the report may not be factual.

For the twerp who took a swing at my quals ; 40 years, 22,500 hrs, 18000 Command, all transport, all heavy, 20 years TRE/IRE and 10 years Head of Selection.
And the other self righteous twerp who offered PM consultation, thanks, but.......howzit go (?).............no thanks.

No-one knows, yet , what happened. Being QR, I doubt any of us ever will . Rumours & news on a open forum will invite lots of thoughts & discussion & mine were openers on what might have happened.

Like some who rush into attack-print mode.........think first please. And, if you really are in the scenario as suggested by the thread opener, think, think, think. That is why I regularly throw the same scenario in the sim. The lesson plan is to get people to think. The most obvious solution may not be the most desirable. Just being able to walk away is not the self congratulation I seek as my pen hovers over the licence renewal forms !
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