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This saga just keeps getting more and more unbelievable. Assuming the info here is accurate, and I don't doubt it, the situation could be summarised as follows:

1. The RAF purchases 65 Grob Vigilants
2. It fails to keep them airworthy, but doesn't actually know it's failed.
3. It then finds out it's failed, and grounds the fleet (sorry, 'pauses' flying)
4. It then spends two years trying to sort them out.
5. It then decides to hand over all 65 aircraft to Grob, who will bring 15 of the aircraft to an airworthy condition. However, these 15 are only sustainable for another 36 months. Then they will be withdrawn from service.
6. The other 50 will be handed over to Grob free of charge. They will be made airworthy and sustainable, then sold. Grob will then have had the unusual privilege of selling 50 of their products twice over.

I would have LOVED to have had a go at the service paper that came up with this sorry excuse for a plan. I'd have loved to had the chance to get the people behind this up in front of a proper engineering investigation to pin down who failed to do what and when. I'd have loved to be able to leak this whole saga to someone who could do the maths and work out just how much the taxpayer has ended up paying out.

Sadly, none of that is likely to happen, and that's a damn shame. I'd sincerely hope that some of the people involved in this huge waste of money have the chance, at some time in the future, to help bring those responsible to book.

Best Regards as ever to all those responsibly managing public funds

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