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I take it you have to do the ATP-CTP, but don't need an ATP checkride?
The FAA and Transport Canada have an agreement to accept each other's checkrides.

I'd be interested in seeing a justification for this claim.
From the ATP-CTP AC -


Failure to Pass. Applicants who do not pass the ATP Airplane Knowledge Test must follow the provisions provided in 61.49.

a.Authorized Instructor. For the purposes of the required retraining, “an authorized instructor” is an instructor that:

(1) Meets the instructor qualifications described in paragraph 10(a) of this AC;

(2) Has completed the ground instructor training requirements in paragraph 10(b) of this AC; and

(3) Is employed by a training provider authorized to provide the ATP CTP.

So it's even worse than failing other writtens, you have to be signed off by an instructor in an ATP-CTP program.

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