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Leave the salaries alone, thats not the problem! When your having a retention and recruitment problem, first stop the rot.

Stop the guys leaving, that solves half your recruitment problem at a stroke...Then you don't have to create a devision amongst the pilots with pay and cause more guys to feel of little value and leave.

Stop the rot and make this a place that people want to stay in and once again you will have EXPERIENCED guys wanting to join and at the current rates.

The race to the bottom only leads to one place....the bottom.

10 years ago we had plenty of time off, rested pilots, happy families and no retention or recruitment problem. Its not rocket science, treat people well they will give you their best and more. Treat them badly and the ivory towers of Costa will eventually crumble.
While I agree with much of your sentiment, I'm going to have to call B.S. on the last paragraph. The rot started much more than 10 years ago. There is absolutely nothing that is being done now that doesn't have its roots in past practice.

Shortly after the Gulf Air crash, hour requirements for command were increased, guys were taken off of command courses and plans were made to downgrade a number of captains. (While they did mitigate some of the knee-jerk response after impassioned entreaties to Sir Maurice (PBUH), upgrade requirements were still increased and many were removed from their upgrade courses).

The DEC debacle of 2004 (?). DEC's with zero Widebody and/or international experience were brought in at higher pay rates than the pilots who were training them.

The great "cost-neutral" pay adjustment. (Don't remember the actual year). Cost neutral meant about a 15% pay cut for me.

I could go on but I think you get the point. The common thread to all of this has the initials STC. They got "better" at it once AAR was brought in. The point is that the rot has been there for a LONG time and NO ONE should be surprised at what is going on now.
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