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Originally Posted by north flyer View Post
I was hired in June of 2008, I am in my 9th year.

I am an F/O by choice, my base pay is 30,405 AED and flight pay is 55 AED an hour, that equals 35,080 AED per month.

Emirates is willing to paying 9th year F/O salary for a level 2 F/O, not a bad deal, wish they had that when I joined, not sure about the year of captain pay, but I would guess it is about the same.

But here is the problem as I see it, for the F/O's who are looking at this, Emirates needs "baby sitters" and please don't get me wrong, Emirates pilots are some of the best I have flown with in just over 40 years of flying and 32 years with different airlines, not sure who wants the "level 2", maybe it is the insurance companies or just knee jerk stuff, but you will be coming here to sit next to captains that are "level 1" in the eyes of the powers in charge, and you most likely be there for a long, long time.

Emirates is not going to grow, just look at what is going on in the "real" world, and what CM is bes at, this is aviation, things change, there are is no such thing as how many years to "command".

So with all that said, if I were a young guy looking to be a captain in a few years, be careful, but, if you a DEC or a old F/O looking for a job and do not care about upgrade, this is as good as it gets in the ME.
spot on,north flyer

we used to have 1 salary scale: you get hired you are on step 1, when you are upgraded you jump 10 steps (suppose after 4 yrs = you go step 14). DEC get hired step 13 to start with.. we used to have 22 step increment for captain (step 14 to 35) and 13 for FOs(FO cannot go higher then step 13)...this new "thing" change the prospective...wonder if a new hired FO is aware that if he does not upgrade in 4yrs (very unlikely) he will be shafted....hello tomorrow

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