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But if you are working for an AOC holder and instruct on the side then the instructional hours need to be accounted for within the limits slr stated.

So SLR each instructional hour you do on the side would in theory count towards your 100 monthly and 1000 hour total. Some operators may not allow you to instruct on the side because of this.
In the UK this is incorrect, and has been since the introduction of EASA FTLs. The UK CAA do not require the reporting of GA instructing or examining towards CAT FTLs.

Operators approved under EASA FTLs do not require non-commercial operations to be included. There was a consultation on this during the ANO Review leading to a change in CAA policy. The old ANO Article 144 has been replaced in the new Air Navigation Order with Article 174 et seq. This does not require the reporting of non-commercial flying (which includes instructing and examining) for the purposes of CAT FTLs.

However, your CAT operator may have legacy requirements included in their OM A which may currently require you to include these in your totals/days off.

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