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I don't actually mind paying for food & drink so long as it's reflected in the fare and the airline cares to include some customer service:

I used to fly regularly with Austrian, they did reintroduce inclusive catering but it had been pay as you go, I didn't mind because rather than being dished up some piece of [email protected] I could choose if I liked to have a pizza slice, a sandwich or whatever.

SAS has been mentioned, I'd had an early start and a long and tiring day before the flight back ARN/LHR, having not eaten all day I was hungry and being on company expenses helped as I ordered and tucked in to more than one of their seafood baguettes and low alcohol beers.

KLM withdrew alcohol from economy whilst they other side of the business class curtain there could be a party going on, they realised the error of their ways but when they did reintroduce beer the can had shrunk from 330ml to 250ml.

My local airline is a LoCo, generally I only fly one hour ish (or less) sectors with them, I actually look forward to buying one of their ham and cheese croissants with a beer and I'm disappointed on the occasions on the flights when they don't provide the trolley service.

In comparison I paid OTT for a recent two hour sector with Philippines Airlines (PAL Express) whereas there was supposedly a light snack included, their light snack consisted of a wedge of over sweetened and disgusting cake served with a plastic cup of room temperature water and that was the only catering they had on board ... I mean on their Q400 aircraft they don't even have the facility to heat water for a tea or coffee ... Give me the local LoCo any day!

As for BA, it's some ten years since I last flew with them, they cancelled my flight lying to me that it was due technical when I knew it was due commercial, they invol rerouted me with another carrier that had no UK representation and refused any assistance regarding my trashed suitcase, then AMS/LGW not only was my seat broken but we flew the (lumpy) sector with the gear down because the World's Favourite had overfuelled the damn thing ... Never again!
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