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Talking Re; Limits of See and Avoid

Dear Niles,

If you can't recognise the flaws in the BASI report then you may be either too myopic to fly an aircraft using the picture in the window, or too indoctrinated into basic IF to understand how one can fly an aircraft and look out the window at the same time!

If you wish to achieve enlightenment, try flying aero's from the back seat of a tandem taildragger - no instruments - then you might actually become a really good instrument pilot.

The frustrating thing for me about the CASA push to See and Avoid is that it was purely political. Before, when it was in their interest to push the line that See and Avoid was dodgy, (as justification for ATC mostly) they did so. Trying to convince young pilots of the stupidity of the argument fell on deaf ears.

Now, we've got TCAS. Still no need for airline pilots to look out the Goddamn window.

Did you not find it interesting to note that the report states that private VFR pilots typically spent about 50% of the time looking out, while airline pilots spent about 20% of the time scanning outside? Who sounds the more professional to you Niles? The guys with all the automation and gear in a multi-crew jet or turbo-prop, or the poor old VFR Bloggs doing his best to get there alive?

By the way Bloggs, I'm not a Private Pilot, I'm just speaking the truth as anyone will discover for themselves if they think it through thoroughly.

Mate, if the BASI report was correct, how the hell would you have survived so long before even getting into an aircraft?

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