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Originally Posted by Union Jack View Post
I suggested to my colleague to contact RAF Disclosures at RAF Cranwell who were not interested and suggest that my colleague called the police. - Been There...

Now that Danny has brought us nicely back on track after some very enjoyable numerical and grand-parental diversions, I must say that I remain somewhat surprised that RAF Disclosures were less than helpful, particularly in view of the mention that "it is a rather delicate position the said person is applying for". If the situation remains unsatisfactorily resolved, I would certainly consider returning to the charge at an elevated level. When I was in the Naval Secretary's Office, we were always glad to run a check - in the rare event that someone possibly wished to masquerade as an NO!

On a facetious level, you could always say how nice it would be to see a photograph of the individual concerned in his Wing Commander's uniform and see firstly his reaction, and then evaluate any more evidence that emerged, such as wings or medal ribbons. If all else fails, ask him if he ever flew "solo" with Tracey Curtis-Taylor.....

Taking us back off track, good use of the word facetious, the only word in common use with all the vowels in the correct order!
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