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4.5k a month without overtime, three or four long hauls a month depending if the trips are bullets i.e. 24 hours downroute or longer ones. (Some trips are 8 days long) Only a bit of shorthaul in Summer but for me literally only 4 shorthauls this year. Overtime is a mixed bag, I got loads last year, dried up a bit this year but that's the nature of the beast. Interestingly, I've picked up 5 days overtime this month making my take home in excess of 6k. Can't really comment on take home on the new contract but that only affects basic pay, duty rig and hourly pay is the same as new joiners making each bullet worth between 4-500 quid. Four of them a month and variable pay is well in excess of 20k a year. Add in annual pilot bonus (not guaranteed but the company is doing really well so for now we expect it) usually around 1700 quid paid in December pay, holiday pay of 600 paid each June and share options that add a couple of grand in free options plus decent staff travel which you can add to tax free! discounts at every retailer under the sun it seems and finally 42 days leave with the ability to add 15 gold days (days off you can choose) and it's a top place to be. Oh and I forgot, my roster means my roster, it's rock solid and never changes unless I add overtime.

Still think it's the best gig in town although the part time contract will put lots of people off (understandably) and new joiners are offered an inferior pension contribution. Also factor in 10+ years to command, not something that bothered me as I joined at 25, but someone joining in their 40s is faced with a much bigger predicament.

Good luck to those who take the plunge and I would say see you on the line but as I see a crew room twice a month on the 78, maybe I won't... cheers
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