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Turin, In principle I agree with what you say. We are afforded the right of free speech within our society, and with that comes the freedom for peaceful demonstration. However, with those rights also comes responsibility. It is the protesters responsibility to ensure that the rule of law is followed at all times for example. Some people have suggested water cannon, rubber bullets etc, well there is a time and place for that. That time and place would have to be pretty dire - not like this situation.
Contrary to what the media likes to try and show us, there are very few people who will stare down a squad of padded up riot police officers. Apprehend and charge, it is that simple. If they fight back, well that is on them (the protesters) and any escalating situation will be treated for what it is. After all, they were in an active security zone, which is promulgated as such for good reason. I am curious as to what extent of the law these individuals will be prosecuted and sentenced.
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