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I am not familiar on type, but if the inertial nav initialisation position is significantly different from the current GPS coordinates, should that not bring up a very large warning that one (or both) are not to be trusted? Or was that the initial warning that they ignored?
I would have thought so. Some types certainly will warn " check present position" or similar if the entered position is wildy out from GPS.

It's interesting to see (from the report, if I'm reading it correctly), that they manually entered the gate position as a lat/long even though it seems they had GPS. Certainly on a similar type I know of if GPS is available then you must line select the GPS position into the IRS/ADIRU present position "boxes" at the start of the align process ( basically copy and paste), without amendment, precisely to avoid the sort of finger trouble described in the report.

TBH regardless of the above I'd have though there were plenty of other opportunites to catch the foul up before start, let alone takeoff (Gross distance checks, map display checks, etc....).

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