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Brigantee, with all due respect, could you please keep off the terms and conditions thread? If you want to spread idle gossip about what you believe to be the log term future of many of our jobs, then go and spout off elsewhere. Like the pub or something. Please.

Rumours of the company for sale do persist, and always will with greybull. Maybe it will happen - maybe it won't - we shall find out soon enough. With DB involved, there's almost certainly something moving behind the scenes. If it does happen, then hopefully it will be to the best option for the company. As I said, we shall see though, Monarch thrives on a good rumour!

What I would say is that compared to where I was before, I really like it here. Some of the earlier are particularly brutal (early Larnaca anyone??) but against all that, there's a really good mix of long and shorter routes. And you're home pretty much every night (barring an occasional trip to somewhere for a couple of nights).
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