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What the minister suggests is by no means a solution to the problem but rather a workaround; a bit like a MEL release (if introducing aviation content is tolerated for once here) instead of a proper repair. In other cities, one is warned against displaying expensive items or entering certain streets at unsuitable times or at all; this is neither an attack at the underlying problem but a method to mitigate the risk.

Of course, he did only imply instead of expressively say this, but any lady considering a trip to India should well heed his words and draw her conclusions from them whether it is worth the risk or not.

Solving the problem seems to be a task for the next 2-3 generations, as it might involve abolishing the dowry tradition, by this the apparently rather high abortion rate for female fetuses (fetii?), and finally providing a more healthy male to female ratio in the country, reducing the number of sexually frustrated young men. I cannot see any other way than this to fundamentally change the apparently widespread culture of seeing a lady as "up for grabs" instead of as a respectable and revered member of society.
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