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Three elderly Italian fathers were sitting around the piazza talking about their children's success in the excited states of 'merica.

My son, I'ama so proud, said one. He went to 'merica and studied very very hard. He became a Doctor, he'a makesa three hundred thousand dinaros a yeara. I'ama so proud!

Thatsa nothing, says the second. My daughter went to 'merica, studied very very hard too. Became a lawyer. Makesa six hundred thousand dinaros! I'ama so proud

They look to the third who says Thatsa nothing. Mya kid also went to 'merica, didnta study that mucha, but became a Sportsa Mechanic, and makes two million dinaros each and every year. I'ama so proud ...

Sportsa Mechanic? What the hell isa sports mechanic says his friends.

Ima no-a too sura, says the third father, but in the letters he-a says he fixes the football games, and fixes the ice-hockey games. He'sa in Rio right now fixing those sportas.
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