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Mr Bailey is wrong in his assertation that -

It is the result of the imperfect interaction of the pilots with supposedly failsafe automatics, which pilots are rigorously trained to trust, which in this case failed them

There is a newish trend to assume that the automatics are failsafe & to religiously trust them to the extent that complete control is given over to them. Some pilots follow this mantra so far as to fail to see the need to monitor when the aircraft automatics are engaged. A B777 check captain of the airline involved here stood in front of the recurrent class that I was in & asked "How many pilots does the B777 have?" The correct answer according to him was "Three - the captain, the first officer & the autopilot".

I disagree with this position. The autopilot is not a pilot. It is a pilot aid. It is not there to cover for ineptitude or lack of sufficient, suitable training, despite what management may think or desire.

Simply stated in relation to what it appears may have happened here, you do not just hit TOGA in a go-around & then totally ignore the thrust lever position (B777) or the thrust indications on the upper DU. You are required to ensure that the automatics have given you what you have requested of them & if they haven't, DO IT MANUALLY! This is what is meant by 'Fly the aircraft'.

Over reliance on the automatics is a hot topic these days & has been done to death on various threads here & on other websites. However, it is becoming more prevalent in the industry as inadequately trained or incompetent or lazy pilots (or a combination of all three) become more widespread in the industry. Sounds harsh, but that's the truth of the matter that I see almost every time I go to work. A number of recent accidents also highlight this problem.

Maybe Mr Bailey's statement that 'pilots are rigorously trained to trust supposedly failsafe automatics' is at the very heart of the problem.
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