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So, captains, how well do you know your aircraft systems?

Originally Posted by CurtainTwitcher View Post
its behind the quasi-paywall, posted on the basis of public interest fair use given the nature of this site and the subject & content of the article.
To Captain Bailey's observation, which matches some of the estimates made in this thread, I will ask some flying related questions.
My feeling is the pilots were deceived initially by the autothrottle refusal to spool up the engines, due to the landing inhibits, and a very high standard of simulator training by which pilots are almost brainwashed to totally rely on the automatics as the correct thing.
Operating under the idea that his feeling may be correct ...

Does the type training cover this systems interaction?
If not, why not?
Does a bounce / go around get practiced in the sim?
If not, why not?
Is it SOP to put your hand on / guard the power levers for take off and landing?
If not, why not?
Is power delivered by the engines (check the indicator rise toward power expected/desired) during a go around a mandatory scan / cross check call out item, and is it called out?
If not, why not?
I understand how effective automatics generally are: to be fair, let's give the engineers and designers over the past few decades a hearty pat on the back. Some amazing tech has been developed with superb reliability.

This question is about flying.

Since aviation began, the closer one gets to the earth the more chances for an accident. (Note where so many accidents take place: during take off and landing events). The fact of an aircraft having a plethora of automatic features won't change that element of aviation.

My last question has to do with how I was trained ...

If you think the aircraft should be doing X,
and it isn't doing X,
have you been embedded in your training to ask "what is it doing?"
or is it "the plane's not doing X, I need to make it do X!" and act upon that?
Lastly: Boyd's infamous OODA loop isn't just for dog fights. Observe-Orient-Decide-Act-Observe ad nauseum until you have parked at the gate and unloaded all of your precious cargo.
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