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Kitbag, you know fully well why the F-35 isn't a Typhoon and - most importantly in this argument - why the Typhoon isn't an F-35.

If we didn't need it, we wouldn't be getting it.

To make a point back to 'airpolice', we were buying but a few Nimrods (not 138!) and the cost per frame was ridiculous. We also weren't getting a return on our investment either, unlike the F-35 which will return more to the Exchequer than we put in, when all is totted up. The Nimrod MRA4 wasn't across 9 immediate Partner and 1 FMS nations who have all (bar one, Canada) placed or taken delivery of jets, not to mention the Japanese, South Koreans, Singaporeans and other nations who have either signed initial commitments to understand more about the Programme.

But other than that, both the MRA4 and F-35 have wings and undercarriage - so there is some similarity I suppose....
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