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I always looked at BA but I'm not sure what the actual positives are beyond the ones of variety, large company, image. Those are low down on my personal list. Genuine question, reading though the threads it seems a common theme:-

1/900 hours pa airline. Only one in UK that does this LH
2/ changing terms, not for better with variable flight pay, bidline going
3/ New boss with cost cutting on horizon
4/ decent pay but not the best
5/ only base south east

I was reading the VS thread and it seems they get paid more and fly a lot less. People who fly for Thomas Cook, Mon, Thomson seem happy with the lifestyle. So what apart from the image and reckoned security attracts people to BA lifestyle wise? It has to be lifestyle as priority surely? Even with bidline you still fly max hours. Just seems reading its potentially worse than likes of Vs or charter operators. Has anyone joined BA recently and regretted it?

Please don't take this as a dig, I'm interested. I considered applying but I am not sure it's for me and for the reasons above so interested to hear what those on t' inside thought of these things.
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