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Let's wait to see what the NZCAA PMO says about the report, before there's too much rejoicing. As we know, this is by no means the first independent panel to reach these kinds of conclusions, based on an objective assessment of the evidence and risks.

Trifles like objective evidence and objective risk do not divert those who make their living out of the busy work of mining the rich vein of fear that can be created by perceived risks to aviation safety. These kinds of people know that the only reason pilots with CVD can perform safety-critical aviation activities in the real world as efficiently as pilots without CVD is through practise and experience. And that's cheating. Pilots with CVD should be able to perform real world tasks that require the identification of the meaning of colours as effectively as pilots without CVD, without practice. That's because having concluded that pilots with CVD are an unacceptable risk, evidence to the contrary must be ignored.

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