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I was just so shocked that I managed to get through. The initial lady who told me I failed gauge reading repeatedly told me that I was unable to go through. I then asked to speak to the head psychologist making the decisions. He must have seen my determination and given me the waiver.

I have 2 degree, a science and an arts degree. Science degree is in Biochem and psychology and arts is in English. Heaps of leadership experience, Mcdonald's crew training, Air Force Cadets, current leadership position at work. I suppose He valued this more than the few marks I was off in gauge reading.

He also said that the fact I did not have second or third preferences was a motivational risk. He said applicants should want to join as an officer no matter what. Officer first, pilot second.

My last flight with my ppl in command was Anzac day, so recency is not even a real issue.

It may seem cheesy but how do you answer "why do you want to join the ADF?" without sound super patriotic or super cliche?
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