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A lot of people are simply in denial.

"Brexit?" C'm on happened three weeks ago, nothing to do with a first quarter result.

"380 is a money machine for EK". Right, no need to shut down the production line, EK will take another 200 and post more first quarter record profits. No need for CM, with every new 380 our bonus will increase.

Guys, the overcapacity is staring us into our faces. Just as the reduction of the yield.
To all those who still want to come: You might just join to be the first ones fired. The writing is on the wall: Capacity reduction.

To all old farts, like me: We might face another increase of hours to give us the rest. The company wants to get rid of the expensive old guys and keep the desperate newbees. Seniority? My @$$. And the pampers fraction instructors will be busy training those who will work their health off to push them out of the company.

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