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I would not be overly pessimistic about the effect of BREXIT.

Revenue has been under pressure for a while now and the industry trend is downward at the moment.

Companies like BA will fair much better than the larger ones out there in the long run as long as Mr Cruz does not go mad.

Whilst some fixed and variable costs will go up with the weakened pound we are neutrally hedged on a number of fronts.

The 747 plan will remain unchanged. We own them, and they are full so making good money, so I do not foresee a huge change in the retirement plan for them.

Biggest threat to employees / pilots is the company itself using the present uncertainty to leverage more efficiency and cost reductions.

As a manager I told guys years ago "Go part time asap and do something that either makes you happy, or rich (not necessarily monetary) in your spare time but do not rely on BA in the future to deliver on all your needs".

My advice remains un changed.

Off on holiday.....

Hope your well Wiggy.
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