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Originally Posted by felixthecat View Post
20 days leave including sick??? Seriously going to need far better than that to even get a little nibble, I work to live not live to work...... Not a chance
Commuting 4 weeks on/ 4 weeks off, 38days on 22days off, 2 months on/2 months off available

Often commuting contracts will have less leave than full time ones simply because the time off is scheduled at regular intervals such as stated above.
In an 8 weeks period with EK, how many times do you achieve 4 weeks off consecutively and repeatedly during the year ?
I don't know the specifics but looks to me than 4 weeks on/off is like 6 months leave a year. Days off granted whilst "On" will be minimal but just like it is with EK. However, the 4 weeks off to follow can be a value to many.

Horses for courses, nobody is forced to leave EK and its great rostering practice 😀😀😀 conducive to a healthy lifestyle.
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