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harry the cod
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XMA might work financially but CSA's package is a joke. Why would you go and work for a Company offering less than half the leave EK has when it's one of the main complaints here, not getting 42 days leave? Makes no sense whatsoever. When you then factor in your sickness being deducted from leave, you're asking for trouble! Salary is hardly worth the hassle too, even for a fairly junior Captain, unless you have a burning desire to breath smog and eat soupy noodles for the next ten years.

As for the most romantic leisure city, that was a joke right? Venice, Paris, Rome, Barcelona maybe. Xiamen? Er, think I'll stick with a cheap curry in Satwa, a few beers upstairs in the York Hotel and 500 dits for someone from Xiamen to whisper sweet nothings into my Japs eye for a few hours.

Now THAT'S romantic!

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