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CHINA is coming to dubai...

B737/B777/B787/A320/A330/A380 Captains for our exclusive China Pilot Job Roadshow in Dubai on August 15th- 21st, 2016

China Southern Airlines (CSA) is in large demand of 100 pilots this year on its B777, B787 and A330 fleets. This opportunity is available to both rated and non-type rated captains, as CSA will convert A320 Captains to the A330, and Boeing Captains to the B777/787. Extremely valuable now that you could apply for overseas bases like FRA, BNE, LHR, AMS,LAX based on “First come, First served”.

Monthly income for B777/787/A330 TR pilots - 19,000 USD for first year; 19,000 USD for second year; 20,000 USD for third year; 21,000 USD for fourth year.

Monthly income for B777/787/A330 NTR pilots - 18,000 USD for first year; 19,000 USD for second year; 20,000 USD for third year; 21,000 USD for fourth year.

Annual Leave: 20 days (including sick leave) and 7 days leave without pay.

Work patterns: 10 days off per month for pilots who based in CAN; 8 days off per month for pilots who based outside of China

$6000/y safety bonus to be paid annually;

International tickets for pilots and families. Medical insurance offered by Smile Aviation and housing allowance ($830 per month) provided for pilots based in Guangzhou.

All amounts above are net of Chinese tax.

4-year contract


Best B737 offer in terms of remuneration, commuting, base and environment!

Xiamen airlines (XMA), as the only Chinese airline who operates all Boeing aircraft, was established in July 1984, biggest shareholder of which is China Southern Airlines. To date, the fleet of Xiamen includes 126 B737NG, 6 B757, 6 B787, and Xiamen aims to expand to 243 B737NG/Max and 12 B787 by the end of 2025. They now operates a flight network of more than 200 routes, the routes cover 67 major cities in Asia and intercontinental routes to Sydney, New York and Amsterdam operated by B787.

Up to $ 323,868 USD (Resident) and $311,868 USD (Commuting) net yearly income

Commuting 4 weeks on/ 4 weeks off, 38days on 22days off, 2 months on/2 months off available

Base Xiamen -a modern coastal city in East China, ranked as “most suitable city for living” and “most romantic leisure city” in China

Education and Global insurance allowance
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