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Boris will not get into number 10 anytime soon, it would be suicide for the Tory part outside London! It will likely be somebody from the remain side or somebody not as vocal during the leave campaign.

It's certainly interesting times.

I suspect there is a good chance HS2 could be pulled, the costs are going up and up but there would still be time to save the cash.

I think Heathrow is a dead duck. Lilkey leaders will surely come from the outers not the remain. Even those sympathetic are surely not going to take on another fight that they might lose. AND to some degree its why there was a groundswell of protest in the North in respect of the EU vote. Lets not kid ourselves this was just about the EU.

I suspect quote a few took the opportunity to stick two fingers up to Westminster not specifically due to the EU but because for the first time ever they could make a difference ....unaware of the wider implications.

As for the Northern Powerhouse (see above) Osborne gone and possibly the opportunity? Whilst he wasn't everybodies cup of tea it could be argued that under him we made more progress in 3 years than we did in the previous 30. It was Osborne who got the Chinese PM here and as likely result Hainan.

Will another cabinet minister commit? Well given what's happened it should in effect be a wake up call to do even more not skulk away in Westminster !
Any small slip in the economy and all these projects will be top of the list to cut costs before the leave side have to hit people's income and services.
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