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Bagso...I presume you mean Heathrow's third runway is dead duck, not Heathrow per se...

The problem nationally is the risk we don't get any leadership. No one for Leave or Remain wants to be the one to negotiate Brexit as it's likely to ruin their careers.

In terms of aviation, Kenny Jacobs from Ryanair was on the BBC on Friday basically saying that following the result Ryanair will concentrate growth outside of Britain, within the remainder of the EU. Presumably, irrespective of any open skies agreement, if they want to operate services within the UK and employing staff here, they will have to set up a UK subsidiary; EZY will similarly have to set up a European-based subsidiary. They could do that relatively easily via acquisitions, but presumably at significant cost?

The north is, in the short term, probably screwed. Much of the investment delivered in recent years in the north has been as a result of EU structural funds. The Northern Powerhouse is too closely associated with the Chancellor who will most likely follow the PM in resigning; the project (including Transport for the North) is still in its infancy and so likely to be fatally wounded as a result. Significant funding would have flowed in due course - I can't see that happening now.

No-one expected Leave to win so there is no plan on what happens next, absolutely no comprehension of the scale of the task ahead and no understanding of the implications for the everyday activities of businesses operating across borders in the EU.
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