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Just to clarify, BA have plenty of trainers of many nationalities, more than a few of them Brits! I just picked the example of the Dutch nationality because I've worked with a couple of them and if a "no EU nationals" working at BA rule came in overnight that would leave the training department on at least one fleet a bit short, but not out, of trainers.. ..as for:

would/could & should they not be english if BA applied the same criteria as other airline mentioned
Not sure I'm on your wavelength and I really don't want to go off at a nasty tangent. Are you asking why BA don't currently give preference to British applicants for training positions?

If so I'd suggest it's because in the UK at the moment that would be very difficult to do easily and pretty much impossible legally. The UK system in general is quite permissive (for example professional organisations such as BALPA have no input into recruiting or selection for promotion/training), we don't really have a competitive national examination system to gate entry specifically into aviation, and we have a language that many europeans are frighteningly good at speaking. I like it the way it is, I think BA is the better for it, I accept others may think differently.

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