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I, and the Bird in a Biplane Team believe it is helpful to respond to some commentary appearing in the press about whether the flight expeditions undertaken in 2013-2016 were flown solo or in company.

For the avoidance of doubt, I have always been the sole pilot of Spirit of Artemis.

In planning the expedition through Africa in 2013 there was an initial hope of a solo flight in the beautiful & original 1942 Boeing Stearman.

However, in the early stages of the flight this concept was intentionally and officially dropped as I and the Bird in a Biplane Team brought our flight planning and logistics increasingly in-house and the expedition evolved into a much bigger opportunity to extend the program with documentary filming, an extensive outreach program involving different charities along the route and sharing the experience of open cockpit flying with others.

I am deeply disappointed at the comments coming from a particular source making false assertions that my flight expeditions should have been executed as solo flights. They were not. They are all about a collaborative team effort and celebrating the brilliant achievements of women like Amy Johnson and Lady Heath who made history when aviation was in its infancy.

Tracey Curtis-Taylor
Tracey Curtis Taylor - Aviatrix, Adventurer, Inspirational Speaker

I would have now thought that the wording of this latest statement takes the matter to a much more serious level.

This is not a delusional woman to be pitied at all. This is now a very clear orchestrated and deliberate deceit with the blatant intention to fuzzy the evidence. The obvious known and missed attention to detail being that she was accompanied by an another highly experienced pilot for the majority of the flight, whom just so happened to also be a flying instructor and the aircraft owner. [which she has intentionally failed to disclose to her groupies in that statement]

Whilst I see nothing wrong with her having connections [we all do] I fail to see how she can imagine for one moment that that will save her bacon here.
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