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Among the posts of this thread there are mentions of honours and awards which have been bestowed upon TCT. Being Canadian, I admit to being unfamiliar with these in general, as for the most part it would seem that one learns about honours and awards by reading who has received them much more than their origin.

TCT's modest and apparently deceitful accomplishments as described here certainly have me thinking less of the value of the awards and honours granted to her. If the award or honour were granted after a deceitful endeavor, it would seem that the issuer of the award or honour did not do their homework before issuing. If the recipient of awards and honours is guilty of deceitful behaviour following the granting of an award or honour to them, perhaps they have not displayed the requisite personal attributes to be worthy of that honour... Ultimately the award or honour itself suffers, in my opinion.

Sporting awards are often withdrawn after the fact, when doping has been found to have occurred to achieve the "win"......
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