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As QR 320 new captain your salary will be:

QAR 33.527 Basic Pay
QAR 1.500 Transport Allowance
QAR 300 Utility Allowance (will not get this if you decide do live in Holliday Villa which is a company accommodation in a hotel)
QAR 500 Hotel Meal Allowance (average, not many layovers on 320)
QAR 8.280 Hourly Flying Pay (60 hours average, QAR 138/h)
QAR 1.676 International Savings plan (this money is deposited on an account and will be released to you at the end of contract).
TOTAL of QAR 45.783

3% pay raise on basic per year.
Overtime after 630h payed once a year on May. Average is QAR 5.000 to QAR 7.000 only (777 guys are getting up to QAR 30.000)

Housing allowance is QAR 15.000 but currently there is plenty of company accommodation available (some very good ones for captain), so unless you have a good excuse you will not get approval to opt for the allowance instead.

School fee reimbursement:

a) Child's age must be equal or above 4th birthday and less than or equal to 21st birthday.
b) Eligible to claim a maximum amount of QAR 125,000.00/year
c) Maximum number of 3 children.

No additional payment for Deadheading, training, standby, simulator, etc....

I hope this helps, good luck!

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