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Oh yeah, that's a major reason why the Argentine crash is so interesting. N137US ended up tail-first and upside-down, and the Argentine plane ended tail-first and right side up.

It seems highly likely that the CAB investigators had in mind something like the Argentine impact sequence when they viewed the wreckage. It sort of fits the description of cartwheel, in a sloppy way. And the tail section being upside-down apparently didn't faze them. But being upside-down is the kiss of death to their model, because it means N137US arrived at the final site with high energy and nose-first, and then flipped over.

I presented the Argentine crash for contrast, not to show the similarity. The Argentine plane crashed just how the CAB said N137US crashed, but the Argentine plane behaved in a completely different manner. That's why (as I said in my document) the Argentine crash refutes the CAB model. If N137US crashed as the CAB said, a backward slide would be normal. But being upside-down, N137US obviously didn't crash that way.

Do you see the implication?

ETA: One of my pilot friends read the CAB report and busted out laughing at the description. He said "so it hit the right wing, and then defied the laws of physics for 800 feet."

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