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I claim a record, which no-one has yet disputed, of doing it twice in one day in 1967; first landing my Prentice on Orange Military base instead of the (parallel) civil airport runway, while talking to the civil tower, having decided to make a precautionary landing due to violent squalls and zilch visibility, and much later in the same day, having been cleared to land at Ciampino, realising as I crossed the threshold that I was aiming for the more or less parallel runway at Fiumicino.

The penny dropped at Fuimicino when a B707 on its stately take-off run crossed in front of me; I turned left at 100 ft and flew to turn right and land at Ciampino. No-one said a word about the 10-minute delay between "Clear to Land" and the actual landing, and no-one spotted me at Fiumicino, I guess because they weren't looking in that direction.

I was navigating off a 1:500,000 map; there was only 1 runway shown at Orange, the civil one, and it was easy (!) to confuse the 2 Rome airports when one name was written above them, and the other below. If you don't like that excuse, I have others. Doesn't change the fact that it's a record. I think.
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