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I was chasing a job in Caracas in 1981, one I narrowly missed. Back then things were booming there, with Venezuelan-registered aircraft a regular sight in Miami, where I was based.

11 Years later, in mid-1992, I met up with a Venezuelan crew at the Citation training facility in Wichita. What a tale of woe! Those guys were just hanging on to their jobs, worried about being caught up in the collapse of the Venezuelan economy, and I guess it was much better then than now, just 24 years later.

It's appalling, the damage that bad leadership can inflict on a country, how that can change its history. Venezuela without Chavez might have been like Cuba without Castro, but we'll never get to see those alternate versions of history.

The other day we went to a tango presentation, when the history of the tango is intertwined with the history of Buenos Aires and Argentina, and Juan Peron, another guy who managed to ruin his country.

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