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My comment was not intended to cause offence, only to point out that in this day and age we thankfully live in a liberal democracy and the possession of a bumpy chest is irrelevant. The individual is important and not their chromosomes. It doesn't matter if their gonads are tucked away or hang outside. Your posting underlines my point very well in that women have achieved a great deal without their gender being a factor. I would add Lettice Curtis to your list. An awesome individual who happened to be a woman but had her achievements been completed in the modern era, I would not consider her gender to have had any relevance. You may well disagree but I think that a meaningful goal for feminism is for gender not to be counted when handing out praise. The measure of a liberal democracy is that we should all be judged equally and not on our skin colour, favourite sky pixie or who / what you take to bed.

That equal judgement extends to the definitions of "alone" and "solo flying". It would be interesting to see TCT's log book and if "Solo" was entered against the flights.

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