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I agree entirely with your comments about Judith Chisholm. I have no idea why that is.

London 18 Nov 1980
Cyprus 19 Nov
Sri Lanka 20 Nov
Jakarta 21 Nov
Port Hedland, WA 22-23 Nov
Sydney 24-25 Nov
Auckland 26-28 Nov (Where she was welcomed on arrival by the great Jean Batten, whose record she had broken.)
Honolulu, 29-30 Nov
San Francisco, 1 Dec
Winnipeg, 2 Dec
Goose Bay, 2 Dec
London 3 Dec

All solo.

Judith died in 1988, just a few days after her 41st birthday.
I don't know if it's available on the net but you may be interested in 'Stardust: Judith Margaret Chisholm - A Memoir' written by Judith's mother Audrey Lowe, circa 2000. I would have offered to lend you my copy but I lent it to someone years ago, haven't seen it since and can't now remember who it was.
Marchettiman is only an occasional visitor to PPRuNe. I'll pass on your message. He knew Judith far better than I did.

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